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Bridgehampton, NY

Restaurant Night Club

El Compadre Restaurant - Hollywood, CA

Cannabis Lounge and Retail

Pop-Up Installation Wine and Beer Market


Master Suite - Malibu, CA

House Hacking - Income Property - Cabin Retreat

Erieville Manor NY

Innovative Office Space

Boutique Hotels

Retail and Branding

Elvis Restaino Biography


innovative, he defies the traditional boundaries of design to transform ordinary spaces into alternative dimensions that blur the line between fiction and reality. Mesmerizing film and TV industry giants with his artistic agility, Elvis quickly developed a reputation for unique and provocative environments shortly after beginning his career in the Art Department collaborating with Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Corolla and Joe Rogan. Having studied under the most prestigious cinematographers in the entertainment business, his production designs reflected his knowledge and theatrical acumen which he’d soon introduce to the commercial and residential world.

A cross

between a movie set and baroque palace, this masterpiece earned Restaino the cover of Architectural Digest, a coveted distinction seldom few designers will ever merit. 


approach to space and composition create gateways to seductive dimensions that inspire allure and fantasy yet preserve the integrity of his clients’ personal essence.  An efficient project manager, he oversees the entire project from manufacturing to construction, ensuring every detail achieves his level of passion and perfection.

The drama

opulence and prestige of the big screen has fully penetrated the soul of the former production designer, who brings the unlimited imagination of Hollywood set designs into his work on commercial and residential interiors. Until now, Restaino’s architectural prowess could only be admired from afar; however, his zest to inspire and contribute to the hard work and dedication required to create a world that entices guests with the promise of temporary escape has manifested into a set of augmented offerings .

Nestled in the mountains, he enjoys escaping to the cabin he built himself that offers a cozy reprieve from the preferred snowstorm over a sunny day.


warmly invites you to visit his services page here and looks forward to helping bring your dreams to life.


"I wanted to do something fabulous, grand."

Leslie Alexander

“Whenever I open that huge door I just think how lucky I am. Those walls that surround you in the entrance hall and the huge chandelier right in front of you and this beautiful fresco above you — you realize you’re somewhere that’s completely original.”

Gerard Butler

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