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Solo Space Curation

with Elvis Restaino

Enhance every aspect of your space -- personal, work, social, & beyond -- through individualized design processes for an amplified single homeowner investment.

Architectural Designer Elvis Restaino, renowned for his stunning restaurant and residential works as featured on the cover of Architectural Digest, blended his dynamic elements of design with his passion for superior wines, beers and foods. Restaino is proud to present his newest creation.

BLEND is a turn key automated franchise. A prefabricated structure "bar in a box" available to be shipped anywhere.


Experience the many tastes of preserved wine and beers from around the world, all served on tap to your community. Limit waste with our keg system, explore high quality pours, and sample an abundance of unique flavors with our ever-evolving flights.

Grow together in a gathering place built for the curious. No need to yearn for the allure of a sensual wine and beer experience, you have earned it. Join in and you will graduate to become a wise tippler.


Tuck into our gleaming atrium. Sustainable glass walls surround you, inviting in a connection to nature and transforming the sensuality of your tasting experience. Our well-versed staff are on-hand to offer you flavors beyond what you could have imagined.


Tap into the days of the thriving mom and pop shop with the plentiful options presented simply in the delicatessen.

Featuring foods drawn up from family roots, the familiarity of the space comforts consumers. The gourmet space offers all-encompassing service, without the typical costs of a full service kitchen.


Amp up your use of the space with offerings of locally curated, artisanal products. The wine you were surprised to enjoy in your tasting flight, you can buy here. With seasonal blends shifting through the shelves, you can’t help but want to return.


BLEND is proud to be a resource for “shared space” leasing arrangements to aid in the finances of restauranteurs by creating alternative revenue streams.


Broaden your experience by joining a distinctive group full of those wishing to further engage with the culture of wine and beer. Our monthly membership offers notable discounts, private tastings, and seminars.


BLEND invites you to continue exploring the options from the tasting flights. Order more of what piques your curiosity from our timely online delivery service.


A space made for creatives and growth-seekers, BLEND acts as an accessible option for entrepreneurs searching for new opportunities. Own a BLEND of your own so you can learn as you grow alongside all who arrive in the space.


Our menu and schedule of events evolve in tune with the seasons. An administrative staff built of industry leaders artfully curate augmented offerings. Collaborative management training videos are readily available to all staff members.


Guests or new employees can dive deeper into the experience by staying at BLENDbnb, the second floor of the space. An additional revenue stream and a chance for fresh faces to further their learning, the two-bedroom rental offers a unique opportunity.


Share in an immersive gathering with your community. Provide consumers space to broaden their knowledge of wine and beer culture. Bring the alluring vineyard experience coveted by many to an inclusive space. BLEND brings fresh perspectives and shared enthusiasm one flight at a time.

Detailing the projected costs of the flagship BLEND location. Includes padded numbers accommodating for potential overages. Based on land purchased for $100,000 and California construction costs.

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