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Elvis Restaino






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For more than two decades, Elvisto “Elvis” Restaino has pioneered the architectural design space as one of the most consistently sought-after designers among film industry and high-profile clients alike. Fearlessly innovative, he defies the traditional boundaries of design to transform ordinary spaces into alternative dimensions that blur the line between fiction and reality.

Mesmerizing film and TV industry giants with his artistic agility, Elvis quickly developed a reputation for unique and provocative environments shortly after beginning his career in the Art Department on Jimmy Kimmel’s “The Man Show.” Having studied under the most prestigious cinematographers in the entertainment business, his production designs reflected his knowledge and theatrical acumen which he’d soon introduce to the commercial and residential world.

His residential debut designing Gerard Butler’s 3,300-square foot, two-story loft in New York’s famous Chelsea district, solidified his undeniable presence as a design powerhouse.  A cross between a movie set and baroque palace, this masterpiece earned Restaino the cover of Architectural Digest, a coveted distinction seldom few designers will ever merit.

Elvis’ approach to space and composition create gateways to seductive dimensions that inspire allure and fantasy yet preserve the integrity of his clients’ personal essence.  An efficient project manager, he oversees the entire project from manufacturing to construction, ensuring every detail achieves his level of passion and perfection.

The drama, opulence and prestige of the big screen has fully penetrated the soul of former production designer, who brings the unlimited imagination of Hollywood set designs into his work on commercial and residential interiors. Until now, Restaino’s architectural prowess could only be admired from afar; however, his zest to inspire and contribute to the hard work and dedication required to create a world that entices guests with the promise of temporary escape has manifested into a set of augmented offerings .

“What I create for my client is an alternate world that invites them in – a respite from reality. However, my work is also reliable. Delivering reliability in design, includes but is more encompassing, than budget and deadline. It involves delivering a consistent experience.”

He loves his dark roasted coffee beans freshly ground and percolated in the morning. An unofficial sommelier, his appetite for cooking and fine wine pair well with conversation shared with family and friends. Nestled in the mountains, he enjoys escaping to the cabin he built himself that offers a cozy reprieve from the preferred snowstorm over a sunny day.

From production to personal life, his ambition translates seamlessly, completing the infamous New York City Marathon in under four hours. Every morning he walks his dog Pricilla, makes his bed and exercises his gratitude for having the opportunity and freedom to create.

Elvis warmly invites you to visit his services page here and looks forward to helping bring your dreams to life.

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Elvis Restaino | Set Design for Star Wars

Characters C3PO & R2D2 recall the Star Wars episodes.